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About / HTC Incredible with stock SD card

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About / HTC Incredible with stock SD card

I realized soon after I started using Doggcatcher that the "Storage Directory" setting could be used not just for HTC Incredibles without SD cards, but it could also be used for HTC Incredibles with STOCK SD cards to store podcasts on the DINC's internal memory.

However, Doggcatcher's "About" screen doesn't look at this setting, so it still tells me that I have a 2GB SD card and it has 688MB free, even though I'm storing 2.35GB of podcasts in my 6.61GB of internal memory and I still have 2.94GB free (thanks to Astro for the stats). It'd be cool if the "About" screen showed me information about the device pointed to by the "Storage Directory" setting.

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About screen

You're right, the about screen ignores the storage location that is configured, and just shows space for the default.

I created an issue for this -