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Online backup

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Online backup

Besides being able to backup settings and podcast information to the SD card, I'd also like to be able to backup online as well. I regularly switch between two phones and I'd find it easier to update Doggcatcher online as I use separate SD cards.

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Remote backups

Yep, android has some facilities for this built in starting with 2.2.

I created an issue for this -

Thanks for posting.

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Remote Backup Feed Status

As part of this, let me add to the use case. I have a tablet and a phone that I use Dogg Catcher on. Now only should feeds be synced between devices by default, but could the status of specific episodes also be synced? So if I finish watching a TED video on my phone, then it would be marked as done on the tablet. If I'm halfway through the video, then save the same place for that podcast so my tablet will start there. Basically making it easy to sync between the two. This may be part of this issue or a separate enhancement. Thanks!