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UI title issue with the new update

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UI title issue with the new update

I downloaded the latest update. The interface looks slick!

Also, would you mind making the title show up fully? It is poor form if I have to click/touch so many times to get the most basic detail (i.e the title).

Just FYI:
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I agree that the truncated titles aren't perfect. The reason it was done that way is to maintain the same height for all the rows. If the text wraps, it can increase the row and make the UI get strange looking. I got the same feedback from one of the beta testers prior to releasing it to the market.

I'll see if I can do some things to improve it.

-The titles on the feeds screen currently stop right before the status numbers, I can extend the text out to the right edge of the row. You're probably concerned more with the item titles though.
-I'll try to add something you can click on when the titles are truncated so you can see the full title. I'll not sure if this will work or not but I'll give it a shot.

One thing that you could do in the mean time is rotate the device, in landscape you'll see more text.

I took a look at the ted talks and I get what you're saying. There's quite a bit missing and no way to see the full title. Even popping up the item description doesn't show all of the title.

Let me experiment a bit and see if i can figure something out.

I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback.