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Prevent Delete on Completion

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Prevent Delete on Completion

I like this app a lot but am having one problem. It automatically deletes podcasts that I have listened to from the audio or video playlists. I listen to them mostly at night, sometimes fall asleep, and like to keep them until I have actually heard the whole thing. As best I can tell, they aren't actually deleted but just disappear from the playlist as they still show as "ready" in the individual feeds. The whole function of the playlist doesn't actually work well for me. Since I don't want the podcasts to autodelete, I have to go into all of my feeds to find the ones that I do want to delete or mark as new. I need a listing of all downloaded content (both that I have listed to and that I haven't) so that I can find them without searching through each feed. Is this possible?

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If you turn off autoplay it will stop playing once the current item is finished. When items finish they get marked as done. They won't get deleted unless you configured dc to do so. You could just set the state back to new for those items and they'll show back up in the playlist.