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DoggCatcher named top podcatcher in CNET AU's top 100 Android apps

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I've noticed that if you unchecked the Share Media option program didn't create the .nomedia file in every podcast folder.
I've add it manually and now all is ok.
But I've made a mistake or you know this bug?

Over there your app is amazing and the feature Backup/Restore is really useful.


When you toggle that, there are some steps that you need to do in order to get the .nomedia files create (including a feed update).

Thanks, glad you like the app.

I've done it: unchecked Share Media, Update and then a reboot.
Nothing happens.
I've add .nomedia file manually and all works

Can you please do a feed update (let it finish updating all the feeds) and then send me a log file from the dc menu. I'll check it out.