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Brand new to doggcatcher - Good App but find user manual to be lacking

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Brand new to doggcatcher - Good App but find user manual to be lacking

I'm brand new to doggcatcher. I found google listen to be lacking and wasn't sure what else was out there, so I purchased doggcatcher purely on the good reviews it gets. So far, it seems like it will fit the bill, but I find the learning curve to be somewhat steep - thus I look for the manual and find the UI not to be well documented.

I'd suggest revamping the user manual to include all of the aspects of the UI and how they work, as opposed to just an explanation of each selectable feature/option/button as it seems to be set up now.

Here are two examples of what I am talking about:

In the feed listing screen, each feed has some numbers in various colors to the right of it. Some numbers are red, some are yellow, some are blue. Sometimes there are two numbers in the left column, sometimes there is one number in the left column and one in the right, sometimes there is just one in the right or left column. I could probably figure out what these mean with a bit of trial and error (yellow seems to be a partially listened to podcast), but I'd rather have it explained to me in a few sentences in the manual.

In an individual feed's listing, sometimes there is a yellow number from 1000-3000 to the right of the green/blue bar. What does this mean? In some feeds, its not there.

I think a few screenshots with arrows pointing to individual parts of the screen and a simple "walk through" of how a typical user would use the app would go a long way in helping new users get off the ground.

Just my 2 cents.. meant purely as constructive criticism. Seems like you have a good app, just (in my opinion) need to explain a little better to new users your vision for how it it is to be used.


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Perhaps we need a better manual...

Eric, if you would host a wiki, some of the more advanced users (like me) could help putting together a real manual which assumes the user doesn't know anything about using Android applications and walks them through everything. That would free you up to continue working with the code.

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I agree. I used to do a better job of keeping that up to date but lately I've been slacking off, so it's a bit out of date. Actually I'm pretty sure that the docs for the numbers are in the guide somewhere but I can't find it.

The numbers are:
-number of new items (left)
-number of in progress items (right)

The colors for the numbers are being changed at the moment so that they are consistent across the app:
new - blue
in progress - green
done - grey

On the feed screen, it sounds like you've got what should be the pubdate but the publisher has something else in there.

I think I might take up Packy's offer. I found a couple modules that will let me integrate the wiki used in wikipedia with the site. I'll see if I can hook them up together and move the documentation I've got to the wiki.

Thanks for the feedback.

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That's a great idea, I see what I can get set up.

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2nd the vote for a wiki.

2nd the vote for a wiki. Suggest you limit it to registered users with captcha.