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Sony Ericcson LiveView

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Sony Ericcson LiveView

Hey guys, awesome app! Worth every penny.

I was wondering if you were planning on incorporating LiveView support in the app. From what I have read you need to add it in.

Looks like the PDF on how to add it or build a plug-in for it is here:

This would be great, There are a lot of people in the US (myself included) ordering these from overseas. I have mine on order and is shipping now. I would be happy to test anything you wanted once I receive it. Should just be able to have normal controls, maybe select the podcast you want to listen to?? Up to you.

Again, great app. Thanks for everything.


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That looks pretty cool.

In order to get that working I would have to have one, maybe someone from Sony could send me a unit :-)

I created an issue for this -