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Totally New User

I've been looking for this product for a long time. Too many people believe you must use an I-pod to get podcasts. Finally, someone who knows what's actually available to enable me to get podcasts.

Now here's the question. Where is ther some sort of basic tutorial on how to use the product. For example, I downloaded doggcatcher--what next? Do I go to the webb site on my laptop to subscribe to pc's or can I do it one the phone? How do I subscribe? What do all the controls do on the app, or for that matter, on the website? I guess I'm sorta looking for an instructional manual.

Any help?

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The user guide is at There's also a FAQ and Feature Overview plus other good stuff towards the top of your screen at the DoggCatcher tab.

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The Website

The other thing to point out is that everything is controlled through DoggCatcher itself on your phone. If you're subscribed to any feeds in Google Reader, DoggCatcher can import those subscriptions, but that's not necessary. In my opinion, that's the coolest thing about DoggCatcher over the iPod (until I got my Android phone, I was using my 5th Gen 80Gb iPod to listen to podcasts): you don't need to hook up to a computer to do anything. On an iPod, I had to wait until I got home to get new podcasts, so I wound up doing things like listening to YESTERDAY evening's news on the way home. With DoggCatcher on Android, my phone is able to download the latest episodes of my subscriptions that update in the evening, and I can listen to them on my commute home.