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basic question

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basic question

Hello everybody,

Please pardon my ignorance, but I just got a Droid X and am learning about a lot of new things, including podcasting. One podcast I would like to listen to is on a website that says it is powered by podomatic. Is that compatible with doggcatcher? Can doggcatcher play any sort of semi-regularly updated audio on the web, or is it limited to the feeds shown on the website?

Thanks in advance!

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Podomatic is merely a podcast

Podomatic is merely a podcast publishing house. It has nothing to do with how you listen to the podcasts they publish.

Anything that bills itself as a "podcast" must have, at the very least, an RSS feed which can be accessed via a URL. All you need to do is find that URL--it should be labelled something like "Subscribe via RSS" or something like that, and then paste that into DoggCatcher's "RSS URL" option under the "Add Feed" menu item.

DoggCatcher should be able to play any podcast that's published with an RSS feed. There are semi-regularly updated audio programs on the web, but if they don't have an RSS feed, they're not technically podcasts, and most podcast players won't be able to play them because without an RSS feed, they won't be able to find out when new episodes are available.