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Video freezes

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Video freezes


Recently (can't remember if exactly since the last update) i been having troubles watching some videos on Doggcatcher.

Exactly the same videos that worked before don't anymore, they open but freeze and after some time i get the message asking if i want to force close Doggcacther.
The strange thing is that if i restart the phone and open the video in the system video player it works great but then if i open it in Doggcatcher it freezes. After this freeze if i go back and open in the system player it doesn't work any longer.

Do you know what it could be?

Thanks for the help!

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The video player in DC is just the system video player embedded in DC, so when it gets hosed when you're playing video in DC, it'll also be hosed in the system. My guess is that if you had been watching the video in the system player and the video locked up, you'd see the same thing in DC.

What has most likely changed is the video encoding parameters used by the feed publisher. In the past, that has caused problems for people on certain devices.