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"Error playing media - 2.2" Since 1.1.1668 update

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"Error playing media - 2.2" Since 1.1.1668 update

Ever since the 1.1.1668 update, I have had trouble downloading and playing podcasts. The automatic download no longer works, and if I select a podcast, it does not stay highlighted, and the play button does not work. Prior to this update, it worked flawlessly. I have an HTC Incredible.

I have sent a log from the application

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Log file

I see a few spots where dc is trying to play the audio in the android player and we're getting one of the mystery error codes.

Let's try to figure out how many things are going on here.

Can you please attempt a couple downloads and then email me the log file. I'll see what's happening there, and then we can move on to the other problems.