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Moving DC Folder

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Moving DC Folder

I have a Samsung Captivate (the AT&T Galaxy S) that has an internal SD card and a slot for an external SD card... I just got a large enough external SD card that I'd like to move my Podcasts off the internal card to make space for other stuff. So...

Is there a way to move the DC folder from one spot to another?

I suppose I could try a variation on what the FAQ says for a new phone... Do a Backup, then change the folder in preferences, then move all the files, then do a Restore. But I know the FAQ says put it in the same spot and I'm not certain if that is because the paths are hardcoded in whatever database DC uses to track status.

Any thoughts?


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Sure it can...

There's a preference called "Storage Directory". It says "Only change if you have an HTC Incredible with no SD card", but I changed it on my HTC Incredible because I was sick of my podcasts filling up the dinky stock 2GB SD card.

I moved the DoggCatcher folder using Astro, and then I changed the preference in DoggCatcher, and everything worked just fine.

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storage dir

Yep, there's no reason why it shouldn't work. I just haven't tested it that was kind of rushed out when the incredibles started shipping without sd cards. I've heard of quite a few people using it successfully.