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3.5 Private Sanctuary feed crashes Doggcatcher

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3.5 Private Sanctuary feed crashes Doggcatcher

Stock Motorola Droid running Android 2.2 on Verizon. (not rooted, not unlocked)

Kernel Version: android-build@apa26 #1
Build Number: FRG22D

In Doggcatcher, subscribe to

To Reproduce:
1. Open Doggcatcher to "Feeds" page
2. Scroll to the 3.5 Private Sanctuary Feed
3. Tap the feed to view episodes

Expected Result:
List of Episodes is displayed

Actual Result:
"Sorry! The application DoggCatcher (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
with a "Force Close" button.

Extra Information:
This error seems to occur rather consistently, though occasionally, it does not crash, and I've been unable to determine why.

Episodes download and play OK, I just cannot view the feed.

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Nice bug report

What's happening is that DC is trying to load the feed thumb which is 2K x 2K pixels and android is running out of memory trying to display it.

I added some logic to try to recover from it but most of the time, when you run out of memory, things just explode and there isn't anything you can do.

One thing you can do is find the thumb on the sdcard and replace it with another smaller image. The image for that feed is something like "3point5 dark.jpg" and it's in the /sdcard/doggcatcher/podcastimages/[some number] directory. There are two in there that will need to be replaced.

Let me know after the release after next goes out and it fixes the prob or not.

Thanks for posting.