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doggcatcher title and logo?

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doggcatcher title and logo?

What's the story behind the title "doggcatcher" and can someone explain what is shown in the logo? Other than that confusion, I enjoy the app.

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The Dogg

So it's a dog wearing a goggles and a snorkel (as most dogs do), and he's got a light bulb over his head. You can probably make up a much better story than the truth, so just use your imagination.

The company was snoggdoggler, but has recently changed to just doggcatcher. You're timing is interesting because minutes ago the site was, but I just changed it to I'm trying to remove the confusion between snoggdoggler/ snoggdoggler will just go away.

Doggcatcher is a combo of the company name and 'podcatcher'.

In terms of the app icon/logo, it's probably going to be replaced shortly.