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New User: Tweaking Playlist Order

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New User: Tweaking Playlist Order

Greetings fellow podcast listeners! I recently purchased DoggCatcher, and am liking it so far. Its a lot easier to find new podcasts from NPR and the like. I was using Google Listen, but since I rooted my Eris (Verizon wasn't going to update to 2.2 Froyo) the ROM I'm using has issues with Listen. I was also looking for a more robust podcast manager anyways, and this was the perfect excuse. ^_^

My question is regarding the podcast playlist functionality. The best way to describe what I want to do is to show how I did it in Listen.

My Listen playlist looked something like this (once i manually moved things around):

NPR Hourly Newscast
404 Monday
Buzz Out Loud Monday
Daily Giz Wiz Monday
404 Tuesday
Buzz Out Loud Tuesday
Daily Giz Wiz Tuesday
and so on...

In Doggcatcher, I'm able to do a general sort of the feeds in the order I want them listened to, but I can only define the order in the feed list like so:

NPR Hourly Newscast
The 404
Buzz Out Loud
Daily Giz Wiz

I haven't had a chance to download too many podcasts yet and see how things end up in the playlist, but is there any way to sort the playlist so that it comes out something like what I had it on Listen?

Obviously if there is a manual sort for the playlist, that would likely be the best option.

Thanks for the help with a noob question!

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There isn't a manual playlist at the moment.

The playlist is ordered based on the order you set for your feeds on the feeds screen. This will be used when you set the playlist to 'feed/date'. If you set the playlist to 'date', then it will ignore the feed order and just sort by date.