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Having problems getting mp3 to play on Droid X 2.2?

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Having problems getting mp3 to play on Droid X 2.2?

This morning I noticed that DoggCatcher wasn't playing any of my podcasts. The notification bar would yield an odd error code and effectively say the MP3 couldn't be played. I first visited these forums to see if it was something others were seeing or possibly related to the Droid X 2.2 update from last week. I didn't see anyone else reporting the issue.

So then I started searching on Google and it seems like this is a somewhat common problem (

More searching revealed the "fix". Just pull the battery, fire your phone back up, and it should work. Now, it may not be the end all, but it got me listening to podcasts on this fine Monday morning.

Hopefully my experience will help someone until Motorola gets their stuff together.

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Droid X audio not playing

Thanks for taking the time to share this...I'm sure you're not the only one experiencing the problem.