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Sync with miro/itunes

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Sync with miro/itunes

Hey guys, I have been looking for a podcast app that could sync with miro (and/or itunes). This would be a major undertaking, but considering no other app does this well, it would be a major selling point.
The idea behind this would be that you don't actually sync the phone with the desktop, but whenever you add/delete a podcast, or listen to one, the app would update a server with the changes (aka podcast ID 10, seek to 20 seconds).
When you start the app, it will contact the server, and request if anything has changed.
The computer would be running a small program on it, which would check the server every minute, and if a change occurs that this computer hasn't done yet, the computer runs the change on itunes and/or miro and tells the server it has committed the change.

It would work a lot like google wave's sync feature..

I hope to see this happen, otherwise I'm stuck with my ipod :(

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I'm not sure exactly how all the details will work out with that but I created an issue for this -