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Deletes files when no longer present on server

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Deletes files when no longer present on server

A second issue.

I noticed that files are deleted from the device when they are no longer available on the server. A local radio station only keeps the last 2 days of content on their server. When a new podcast is detected, the ones that are no longer on the server are deleted - even if it is currently being played!!


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Would be nice to change this behavior

I have to say, this is is also a major problem for me. I don't always get round to listening to an episode of a podcast before the provider removes it, but if I've downloaded it, I want to listen to it (or at least have the option to), especially if I'm already part way through listening to it.

What's the chance that you could change this behavior (or at least allow an option to make it configurable) so that downloaded episodes don't get deleted just because they've been deleted from the server?

Love DoggCatcher apart from this, though :)


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Didn't know this happened but

Didn't know this happened but I agree with the suggestions. I'm tracking only a few feeds and I haven't gotten around to listening/viewing them all. I wouldn't like to see them disappear.