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application dies after 5 minutes

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application dies after 5 minutes

I have a Motorola Cliq on T-Mo running V1.5 firmware. Snoggdoggler V 1.1.1517. Class 4 8GB SD card.

Application starts OK and I have no problems subscribing to and downloading podcasts.

After 3-10 minutes playing audio podcast the application dies. Screen disappears and sound stops. If I restart the application I can pick up where it left off on the same podcast.

Same behavior whether using speaker on the phone or Bluetooth speakers.

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If you submitted the log, it

If you submitted the log, it would be really helpful. You can find it in menu -> more -> send log. Then either send it to the default address or attach it here. Thanks.

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You're probably getting evicted. Search the forums for 'evicted' and 'keep-alive' to learn all the details. There's also a preference called keep-alive which might help. You can check the userguide for details on the pref.

If it's not eviction, then the log will most likely reveal the karolis indicated.