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"Not connected to WiFi" error (even though it is connected to WiFi)

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"Not connected to WiFi" error (even though it is connected to WiFi)


I recently downloaded DoggCatcher and I love it except for one problem. In the "Queue" screen I get the error "Not connected to WiFi" just above the "clear queue button". I get this even though I *am* connected to WiFi and other apps can use the WiFi just fine (I can see the WiFi symbol in the notification bar). Because of this I have items sat in my download queue.

In my DoggCatcher preferences, I have it set to "Begin downloads only when On WiFi". (I do not have the "On Power" option checked.

When I uncheck the "Begin downloads only when On WiFi" option then the download begins just fine, and it seems to be using the WiFi (it is fast).

This is an intermittent problem, although most of the time it is a problem. When I reboot my phone, start WiFi, open DoggCatcher, then even with the "Begin downloads only when On WiFi" checked on, it sees that the WiFi is connected and it starts OK. But then later it stops working again even though I have no changed any settings.

If I exit (More / Exit Application) from DoggCatcher and then open it again, it does not help.

I do have some Tasker rules involving turning WiFi on and off at certain times of day, but I completely turned off Tasker and it is still a problem.

I tried changing the "Begin downloads only when On Power" option but that did not help.

So my conclusion is that sometimes DoggCatcher is not recognizing that WiFi is turned on.

I have a Samsung Captivate on AT&T in the USA. My phone is NOT rooted. I am running Android 2.1.


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Not connected message

I've inspected that code quite a bit recently and it's simply asking there a network connection? It then displays the answer and does or doesn't download based on that information.

There seem to be some devices that get into a state where they are misreporting the network connection. I don't recall hearing it about a captivate though. Exiting and starting DC does not fix it, but rebooting does. That gives a clear indication of where the problem is.

Take a look at this post.

I'm starting to think that I need to add a preference to ignore whether or not there is a network connection before starting downloads. Enabling it would result in a lot more download failures, but for those devices that have this problem, at least people could get stuff done without rebooting.

I created an issue for this.

Thanks for posting.

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I also have a Samsung

I also have a Samsung Captivate and am seeing the same problem.