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Layout Option Suggestions

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Layout Option Suggestions

DoggCatcher is pretty neat on the whole just a couple of suggestions;

1) The Podcast Icons/Text currently isn't great for easy access. Maybe there should be an option for text only (i.e. With bigger text and no channel image).

a. If this is implemented, this could/would allow for more podcasts channels to be displayed at a time - could even be icons similar to the home screen in a matrix?

b. Having an option to allow single 'click' to (download &) play of the latest episode of the selected channel would be nice (not necessarily the default option),

2) When you go into a channel and return back, it takes you to the top of the list, which can be a little annoying! Returning to the scroll position would be better.

3) The ability to create playlists or (more usefully perhaps) queue up podcasts would be brilliant. I listen mainly in the car, so when an episode ends I have to fiddle to get another one to play (this is also when I suggest 1 or 2 to make the interface a bit more in 2-3 touches a new episode is playing friendly). Being able to queue up 2-3 episodes would be great!

4) Someone has the made the suggestion of bookmarks/remembering where you where at with a partially listened to episode would be good! I'll second that...

Just a few suggestions... one of the best Apps for Android currently!

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Good ideas

1 - Is the only reason that you would like more podcasts to be displayed per screen. If so, we can make the image smaller. It really only serves the purpose of being able to quickly visually locate the podcast you are looking for. I could also squeeze the layout of the podcasts a bit so it takes less vertical space.

2 - Good idea, added this to the future feature list.

3 - Yep, already on the future feature list

4 - Actually, I think you're the 5th or 6th, it's a common request and on the future feature list.

Thanks for the feedback.

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glad i read this, i was going

glad i read this, i was going to suggest #2... so consider this a vote for it.