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Frequently Asked Questions - Other

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There isn't a way to recover the Cloud Sync key if it's lost

Create a log and email it to yourself (DC Navigation Menu>More>Report Problem) Press "Yes" Select your email client & change from DC support to your email address.

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DoggCatcher's Backup/Restore feature will copy all the information necessary to restore from another device (or a device that has been reset) by placing a backup of the feeds database and configuration onto your SD card.

This will have no effect on your downloaded media, since it is already on the SD card.

For devices with internal storage support only or running Android 4.4.2 KitKat and up, 5.0+ Lollipop/6.0+ Marshmallow/7.0+ Nougat, the backup of the feeds database and configuration is placed in internal storage. So you will need to copy that to a PC and then manually to a new device to do a restore.

This change is because of the new restrictions on applications that limit their access to the Android Data directories only and the backup feature was added to Google's outlines, a list of features that are not compatible with installing applications to the SD card

Here is a list of the files that compose a backup:
. \DoggCatcher\Export\databases\rss
. \DoggCatcher\Export\shared_prefs\DOGG_CATCHER_PREFERENCES.XML
. \DoggCatcher\Export\shared_prefs\_preferences.xml

1.  First backup DC (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export) press “Backup”

2.  Uninstall the app from the device settings (Settings>Apps>scroll down to & press on DoggCatcher>Press “Uninstall”

3. Re-install the app from the my app section of the Play Store URL or though the Play Store app on your device (Open the app>Press the Hamburger Icon “Top Left of the screen”>Press My Apps>Press “ALL”>scroll down & locate the app>Press & install

4. Open DC & run “Restore” (DC Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export)

As an additional backup>Run “Export Feeds in OPML Format” (This option is only your feed/podcast subscriptions)

If the backup fails to restore, you can re-subscribe to your feeds again using the “OPML Import from File” option (DC Menu>Subscribe>Swipe to “Advance”>Import from file>Press on “DoggCatcherExport.opml”> press on each feed to re-subscribe (Unfortunately the “Subscribe to all” option is currently disabled & will be fixed on future update of the app.

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Devices running the Lollipop 5.0 + & Marshmallow 6.0+, the lock screen controls are no longer used like previous versions of Android, it's now a notification.

Can’t access Rewind/Fast Forward Buttons

Swipe down to expand notification to display the (Rewind/Fast Forward) media controls.

Lock Screen Control Notification Disappears

The app can only display one active notification at a time and the notification currently displayed depends on which active notification has the highest priority. Playing audio is the highest, then Paused audio is a low priority, then episodes in the download queue or waiting for connection, but once the active notification is done (Example “Waiting for connection” and a network connection is made and media files are downloaded), the play/pause notification should return.
If the problem is the “Waiting for connection” notification, change the feed update interval to 12 hrs or 1 day and feed update time to a convenient time for the app to update and the device is connected to WiFi network (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Feed Updates)

RE: The app can only display one - WayneC DC Support

Lockscreen controls no longer appears since Marshmallow 6.0+ update & Up

The device notification settings is probably set to hide all notifications, this will cause the app's LSC not to work if the device notification settings set to hide...verify the device settings

In DC's settings verify or enable "Respond to Headset" & "Lock screen buttons" (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/Lockscreen)

In your device security or lock screen settings in addition to (if available on your device) "secure with fingerprint" also enable "Secure with Pin"

Depending on device & OS (6.0, 7.0 & 8.0)


Lockscreen change to "Show all notifications"
if set "hide sensitive only" This will also disable the ability to swipe down to expand notification to display the (Rewind/Fast Forward) media controls.

DoggCatcher "Allow peeking" is set to on
or (Settings>Apps>All Apps>DoggCatcher>Notifications)

"Allow peeking" is set to on or enabled
"Block all" & "Show silently" is set to off or disabled
"Hide sensitive content" is to off or disabled
"On the lock screen" change to "Show all notification content"

RE:Lockscreen controls - WayneC DC Support
Via T Morrow DC Beta Tester

RE: Lockscreen Control on 6.0/7.0 Devices

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The Android OS Lollipop 5.0.0/5.0.1/5.0/5.1.X has a memory leak bug issue, this can issue can cause problems for the app (Example one or more apps can put your device under enough memory pressure that DC will respond slowly or killed by Android/.Freeze during during or download)

DoggCatcher can can also experience playback issues (Example ~ stuttering/Skipping ) when starting another app (Waze/Chrome/G+/Facebook) This issue also causes high battery usage/drain. This can also affect older devices with 1GB or less of memory available plus internal storage is at the capacity level (Full) specifically 16GB or less will experience more of these types of problems.

Solutions to help minimize the problem

Reboot your device when this issue happens again or on a regular basis once or twice a week power off your device for a minute or two then restart it.

Lower the amount of episodes shown in a feed in DC's global feed options ( DC Menu, Settings,Global Feed Options) select number of episodes & change to a lower number, then press OK. (Example from 10 to 5) Most of the memory the app uses is for the descriptions of the episodes

Disable power saving mode when using more than one app at a time or when battery resources are lo(Device>Settings)

Limit the number or types of apps being used at the same time as DC (Waze/Chrome/) when the power saving mode is enabled

Uninstall some of the apps running in the background that are no longer being used.

Disable the "Variable Speed Enabled" feature (DC Menu>Settings>Audio Player)

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Android applications should not have the authority to cause the types of problems required to crash a device. At worst, the application can crash, but there shouldn't be any collateral damage to the operating system.

Operating system crashes can be by faulty network drivers (crash during download), audio drivers (crash during playback, or other hardware problems.

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Out of memory errors usually are caused by one of the following:

1 - There are more feeds/items than can be stored in memory. The number of feeds you have and the number of items per feed in large part determines the amount of memory used by DoggCatcher. Try lowering the max items, especially if you have a large number set for the global preference for max items.

2 - A feed with a large feed thumbnail. Occasionally feed publishers will include a feed thumbnail that is larger than the amount of available memory for the application. DoggCatcher tries to protect against this, but it's not always possible.

This also varies a bit by device. The earlier Android devices made 16 MB available to each application. Newer devices made 24 MB available. I believe the Honeycomb tablets support even more.

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Yes, follow these steps:

  • Backup your DoggCatcher configuration by doing a Backup in the DoggCatcher menu
  • If you are changing phones, move the DoggCatcher directory from the old phone's sd card (in /sdcard) to the same location on the new phone.
  • Re-download DoggCatcher from the Google Market app (in the downloads section)
  • Restore your DoggCatcher configuration to the new phone by doing a Restore in the DoggCatcher menu

The ability to download the application from the Google Market is dependent on moving your google account from the old phone to the new phone.

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Step 1 Determine the directory where you need to place a file

From the Feeds Screen, Long Press on a particular feed/podcast> press feed options>
scroll down to "Custom thumbnail filename" for the location (Example SDCard/DoggCatcher/Podcastimages/72) >press cancel

Step 2 Place a file at the location specified

Using a file manager put the jpg image named "custom.jpg" at the location

For devices DC media is stored on a external SD card

(Example SDCard1/DoggCatcher/Podcastimages/72)
(Example exSdCard/DoggCatcher/Podcastimages/72)

For devices DC media is stored on a internal SD card

(Example SDCard0/DoggCatcher/Podcastimages/72)

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*********Sorry for the inconvenience...we are no longer accepting new beta testers*************

We are always looking for folks that are interesting in testing the latest features and actively report back to us with comments, success, or problems. If you are interested, just follow these steps:

This does require that you have purchased the application (requirement of distributing the beta through the google play store).

Step 1 - Click here to apply to the google group - please use the same google account that you use in the google market

Step 2 - Wait until you have been accepted into the group (you'll get an email)

Step 3 - Click here and then click on the button 'become a tester'

Step 4 - Click here to update DoggCatcher to the beta

Please use the google forums mentioned above for announcements about any releases and reporting problems.

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Some of the permissions below are required only for optional features within the application. The Android framework does allow for conditionally requiring these permissions based on usage of features.

  • BLUETOOTH - to detect when a bluetooth device is connected to start playing audio
  • INTERNET - to update feeds and download media files from the internet
  • WAKE_LOCK - to keep device awake when updating feeds or downloading media files
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - to check if wifi is connected to enable download conditions
  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - to start the application upon boot (if configured)
  • READ_PHONE_STATE - detect when calls are being made so audio can be paused
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to save media files to the SD card
  • GET_TASKS - some devices require this to launch DoggCatcher in response to headset connect events
  • CHECK_LICENSE - validates the license with the google market app
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DoggCatcher supports ChromeCast playback with the following limitations:

  • Virtual feeds
  • Feeds that require authentication
  • Pinned episodes
  • Autoplay
  • Variable speed
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Some Podcast feeds include characters that are not supported by the XML parser built into Android. We replace those characters with "?".

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Install the log collector application called 'aLogCat' from the Google Market and email the log file to support at

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Code name Android version DoggCatcher version
All more recent Changes regularly
Ice Cream Sandwich 14+ 4115
Gingerbread MR1 10+ 4078
Froyo 8+ 4005
Eclair MR1 7+ 3372
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If you landed here because of a "Storage Problem" notification in DoggCatcher, skip down to KitKat Storage Directory Configuration


You can configure DoggCatcher's storage directory to be any directory on your device that applications have write access to. In this directory, DoggCatcher will store media files, feed thumbnail images, and backups.

The setting is managed in DoggCatcher's Settings/Miscellaneous/Storage Directory.

KitKat Storage Directory Configuration

Prior to Android 4.4 (KitKat), you could select just about any directory on your SD card or large built-in storage device if you have one. Starting with Android 4.4, on some devices, the locations that applications can write to have been restricted.

If DoggCatcher is displaying a notification labeled 'Storage Problem' and your device was recently updated to Android 4.4, it is likely that this is affecting you.

Steps to correct configuration

  • Open DoggCatcher menu (... at the top right)
  • Press Settings > Miscellaneous > Storage Directory
  • Press on one of the orange entries, then confirm by pressing "Yes"
  • Press "Ok" to restart Doggcatcher

This will auto-configure DoggCatcher to use the directory that Android determines that we should store data.

Steps to correct configuration - if only some feeds are failing

If you have any feeds which have been configured with a custom storage directory, they will need to be reset to the default setting

  • Open the feed options for each feed
  • Scroll down to feed storage directory and press the 'default' button

Copying previously downloaded media files from the old storage location

This is optional but avoids re-downloading all of your media files.

  • Determine the old location of the media files - usually "/storage/extSdCard/DoggCatcher", but sometimes "extSdCard" is replaced with something similar
  • Determine the new location of the media files - re-open the Storage Directory in the settings and take a look at the text box at the bottom - usually something like - "/storage/extSdCard/Android/Data/"
  • Use an Android file manager to copy the media files from the old location to the new location - E.g. - /storage/extSdCard/Android/Data/ We recommend - ES File Explorer File Manager Available at Google Play Store
  • Open DoggCatcher and press on the Audio tab to verify that your previously downloaded media files are available
  • If all is OK delete DoggCatcher directory located at (/storage/extSdCard/DoggCatcher)

Details about the problem and its cause

Android 4.4 places new restrictions on applications that limit their access to only directories like this:
/[whatever your device's path is]/Android/Data/ - Paid version
/[whatever your device's path is]/Android/Data/ - Lite/Premium version

If you had DoggCatcher configured to use your removable SD and then received an Android OS update that seems to have broken DoggCatcher's ability to download and playback media, then you are likely being affected by this change in Android. In that cause, you'll need to reconfigure DoggCatcher to use the new directory mentioned above.

DoggCatcher will attempt to detect the best locations for your storage directory but devices vary quite a bit, so if you run into problems, please let us know so we can update DoggCatcher to better support your device.

Another important change in the Android OS update is that if you use one of the storage directories that contain "Android/Data", when the application is uninstalled, all of your media files, feed thumbnails, and backups will be DELETED.

There is some very interesting reading on this topic here -

Maybe not so interesting for most, but here are the tech details -

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-Confirm that all devices are sharing the same cloud key
-Confirm on all devices that on the Feeds tab, in the header, you do not see a "Partial cloud sync" message. If you see this, then some of your feeds failed to update. Cloud syncs won't occur until all of your feeds can update successfully
-Confirm that you are not expecting pinned episodes to be synced. Syncing of pinned episodes is not supported.
-Try to reproduce the problem and then send logs from both devices to support
-Please indicate whether syncing has completely stopped working OR if it only occurs sometimes, include notes about which episodes you modified when reproducing the problem.

We'll check out the logs and get back to you.

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Cloud sync is currently in a limited beta.

Cloud sync allows DoggCatcher to be run on multiple devices whose feeds and episodes are synchronized. This works by generating a cloud key on one device and then linking other devices with that cloud key. Changes made on any linked device will be synced up to the cloud, and then down to all devices that share the cloud key.

As you make changes on a device that is linked, those changes are synced to the cloud within a few seconds. Other devices receive those changes on feeds updates. That includes both automatic and manual feed updates, so if you are using a device that hasn't yet synced the latest info from the cloud, you can refresh the feeds and a sync will occur.

Synchronization occurs for most aspects of your feed configurations and some of your global settings.

What IS synced:

The feeds that you are subscribed to

Global feed options
-Auto downloads
-Number of episodes/articles
-Auto delete policy
-Play order

Feed configuration
-Auto downloads
-Number of episodes/articles
-Auto delete policy
-Play order
-Episode identifier
-Pin expired
-Make filenames unique
-Full fetch
-Is Virtual
-Custom enclosure directory

-Play position
-Episode state (new/in progress/done)
-Play local or stream

What is NOT synced:
Virtual feed media files
Expired episodes

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If you have the Lite version, it is identical to the Paid version both during the trial period and after the Premium upgrade has been purchased. After the trial period has expired (and no premium upgrade has been purchased), the following features will be disabled:

-Automatic scheduled feed updates
-Updating all feeds at once
-Adding more than 10 feeds

Both versions are nearly always released with the same functionality at the same. The exception would be if there were some bugs in the trial related functionality that we were working on.

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This is useful when you switch from a device that has no internal storage to a device with external storage (or a device with a different location configured as its external storage location.

When DoggCatcher does a backup, it place a directory called Export in the DoggCatcher directory on your SD card. The Export directory has all of the backup files except for media files.

1 - Use a file manager (like Astro free) to copy the Export directory from the old location to the new location. It should be placed into an existing directory called "DoggCatcher" that DoggCatcher created when it was installed.
2 - Start DoggCatcher and do a restore (in the menu)
3 - If that did not work then your device may have a different path to its SD card. If that is the case, configure the storage directory in the DoggCatcher preferences with the path to your SD card.

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No, Google outlines a list of features that are not compatible with installing applications to the SD card. DoggCatcher uses numerous features on this list (services/alarms/widgets/broadcast receivers).

Installing an app to the SD card moves only the application itself to the SD card, not the data and configuration. At the time of this post, that would save very little as DoggCatcher is about 1.5MB.

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To backup the database, please follow these steps.

1 - In the DC menu, choose backup, then press the backup button
2 - Grab these files from the SD card and email them to me at support at

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This used to be possible but Google has discontinued support for youtube channels as feeds (as needed by applications like DoggCatcher).

Here's a related post -