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Frequently Asked Questions - Video Playback

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DoggCatcher is able to play video files in the formats that are supported by your Android version and/or device.

The first step in troubleshooting is to determine if the video can be played by your device. Try launching the video in the Android video player. You can do this by temporarily setting your video player DoggCatcher preference to external and then try to play the video again. If it still fails, then the video isn't able to be played on your device.

Feed publishers sometimes change encoding parameters that cause the video to fail to play on Android. In the past, users have contacted the publishers and they have corrected the encoding to make the videos compatible with Android.

If the video can be played in the Android player but fails to play in the DoggCatcher integrated player, please post in the support forum and I'll check it out.

Common error messages
Cannot play video - Sorry, but this video cannot be played

If you see this message, then the video you are trying to play is not supported by your version of Android and/or device.

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DoggCatcher supports the video formats supported by your device and Android version, which can vary. Please consult the Android video formats for details.