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Frequently Asked Questions - Device specific issues

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When applications ask a device for the location to the external storage (where we want to place the backup), some devices respond with the location of the internal storage. In this case, DoggCatcher will perform backups/restores from the internal storage. This is not useful when you want to migrate your configuration from one device to another.

Here are the steps to use DoggCatcher's backup/restore to migrate your configuration from one device to another using the SD card.

-In the DoggCatcher menu, press on Backup/Restore
-Press on the backup button, then press yes
-Notice the backup location displayed on the backup/restore screen.
-Use a file manager to move the Export folder from the backup location to your SD card.
-Move the SD card to the new device
-In the DoggCatcher menu, press on Backup/Restore
-Notice the backup location displayed on the backup/restore screen.
-Use a file manager to move the Export folder from your SD card to the location displayed.
-Do a restore

This is a problem that we have been unable to track down. The only known solution is to reboot your handset (not Wear device).

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We have been receiving reports from multiple users about problems relating to pausing audio files.

Pausing an episode stops audio playback but the episode continues to play silently. DC's media player controls will update the current position as time passes even though nothing can be heard.

Then one of two things can happen:
-If the episode is resuming before the end is reached, playback resumes where the episode was paused
-If the end of the silently playing episode is reached, DC will select the next episode to play and delete the completed episode if auto-delete is configured

This isn't occurring for everyone and no one has been able to identify any repeatable steps to reliably re-create the problem. If you can, please contact support so we can try to come up with a workaround until the problem is fixed in a future release of Lollipop.

Confirmed on Nexus 5 build LRX21O
Zoho 19527

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After upgrading to a new version of Android, particularly Pie…..some users of the app are experiencing issues with the app’s Notification, Widget & Lockscreen Notification players

Check your device settings

Settings>Apps>All Apps>DoggCatcher>App Notifications - Enable DC On > Allow icon Badge >Allow sound
Then check if the "On the lock screen" setting may have to change to "Show all notification content" from "Hide sensitive notification content" or "Don't Show notification at all"

Change back "Keep Alive" in the app's settings (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Advance) to "While in foreground or busy in background"

also verify if enabled (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/lockscreen) "Respond to Headset" - "Lock screen buttons" & "Pause audio"

If the above settings are enabled> turned off all the options and turned them back on again

Re" forum response to Philomorph "Galaxy S8 update to Pie - Doggcatcher stops playing after screen locks"
and Philomorph's response

"Also if you experience playback issues with the app’s player itself on your new device or upgraded OS, please see the "Audio playback problems" post under "Playback Issues" and switch to Google’s Android experimental media player for 6.0+/7.0+/8.0 and up devices"

Some users are also experiencing the app being killed by Android while running in the background

Check your device battery settings & see if the "Power Saver" mode is enabled>

If it is..Android will kill apps running in the background to keep the battery at an optimum level>

You have 2 options...disable "Power Safer Mode"

or enable "Download -on Power" in the app's settings (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Limit feed updates and downloads)

You will also have to change the "Update start time" to a specific time you will have the device connected to a power source.>

If all the above solutions fail…..back up the app (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Backup /Restore /Export) then uninstalling and reinstalling the app

Regarding “Bluetooth” Issues - Please try deleting the pairing from your vehicle/headset BT device and your mobile device, then re-pair again & rebooting your device.

“SD card” Issue - Please see forum FAQ post for more information "Why am I experiencing external storage (SD Cards) problems after my device has been upgraded to Marshmallow (Android 6.0)?" - - This issue also applies to devices running Android 7.0 Nougat & 8.0 Oreo and up

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Media files are always streamed directly from the publisher’s servers when using a Chromecast device. Once the app communicates with the Chromecast device to start playback, DC isn't involved any longer until playback completes or you hit a button in DC.

To resolve most playback issues:

1. Exit & restart the app (DC Navigation Menu>More>Exit) then press the Chromecast icon and play an episode from the podcast with the playback issue

2. Reboot the Chromecast device.

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After OS update to 6.0 or 6.1 Marshmallow DC requires read/write permission to access the Android Data limited directory - If permission wasn’t authorized after the update, please enable from the device settings and then point DC to external storage again

Device Settings>Apps>DoggCatcher>Permissions

Enable Phone (If not enabled)
The permission for phone calls is to detect when calls are being made so audio or video podcasts can be paused and when calls are received.

Enable Storage
Permission to save media files to the SD card Android Data limited directory

There is FAQ article posted in the forum with a detailed list of the permissions that are required only for optional features within the application (

Start DC and from the "Storage Directory" screen, (DC Menu>Settings>Miscellaneous>Storage Directory)

Press on depending on device
/storage/SD card1/Android/data

highlighted in orange “Limited”

Then press "Yes' on the dialog box - this will auto-fill the storage directory box down below - on the second dialog box press OK - DC will restart

The DC created storage directory should look like this from a file manager “Example”

or (/storage/6562-6463/Android/Data/