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Sensitive Log Data

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Davy Jones
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Sensitive Log Data

I know this permission is explained in the faqs but unfortunately there is no ability within android for a user to selectively choose which of these to grant an application within android. While I can understand that details logs might help fix bugs, I (and I am sure many others) am quite uncomfortable with this permission being permanently granted. If these logs are only sent when users request it then can't you simply direct them to download a free app like aLogcat in those situations? I can't think of a single other one of my apps that require this permission, even though I am sure many could theoretically benefit from the debugging info.

Thanks for the fantastic app!

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You're right, I wish there

You're right, I wish there was a way to prompt the user when those permissions were required rather than requiring them always for all users.

So the only case where we collect the log info is just to send it to the email address listed when you send the log, so that's completely voluntary. There are some cases where do do have users use alogcat like when DC won't start. While some users find it easy to use outside log collectors, most users don't want the hassle of another app, and I really want to make it easy for people to send logs when there are problems.

I just made a change to disclose this on the action to send a log.

Thanks for the feedback.