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DLNA Support

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DLNA Support

I would love to see DLNA Support in DoggCatcher. I just started using Twonky Media Server for Android to stream my video podcasts to my 58" Samsung which supports DLNA as well as my Xbox does as well as my other TV.

I did some quick research and there might be an open-source library that you could use:

It would rule to have DLNA support directly built into the player (the service not the UI). I know it might be too much to ask for, but please consider it, I'm sure there are other people that would love this feature.

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That would be interesting, I created an issue -

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I definitely second this.

I definitely second this. Android needs this, would definitely be a welcome addition.

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I would love to see this as well

I was hoping we would see an update on this, and if it was on the roadmap for DoggCatcher at all.

Any chance we'll still see this integrated in DoggCatcher?

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It's on the todo list but

It's on the todo list but it's not scheduled at the moment, mainly because it's a pretty large undertaking and there haven't been that many requests for it.

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I really want this as well

I really want this too. While you can already do it with other apps, the big advantage to having it built into DC is that you can keep track of last played position and whether I finish a podcast.

Needs to support Play To (pushing video to another device) and exposing podcasts to other players so they can pull from it. For me, the latter is what is most important.

When playing over DLNA it should resume where you last were.

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Would love this feature

I've been looking for a podcast app on Android that supports DLNA so that I can stream podcasts to my Sonos system. Other solutions like Twonky don't work for me precisely for the reason cited by daleking. Using a different app is more trouble than its worth and you lose track of listening status.

When I was an iPhone user I was able to stream to the Sonos via an Airport Express. It made for a great experience when I moved from the car to the house or from the house to headphones while taking a walk.

Claiming DLNA support might not mean much to the average user. But if Doggcatcher stated it could stream to PS3, Sonos, XBox, etc I bet many people would be interested.

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This is THE feature I was looking for

I had been searching for an app that would allow me to play podcasts to my network speaker and home theater and the only viable solution was twonky, which wasn't such an elegant solution since it won't tell DC where I stopped and remember the location.

If only DC had DLNA streaming built in, it would be the perfect podcasting app (although it's already miles ahead of the competition in my opinion) and could be a good selling point for future potential users.

Really looking forward to seeing this feature =D

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I've been really enjoying

I've been really enjoying BubbleUPnP as a remote control for selecting media from a DLNA Library and instructing a DLNA Renderer to play it. I would love to do something similar with podcasts, I'd like to be able to stream the audio to another speaker.

Is there some way of voting for this feature where interest can be tallied more accurately?

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I think posting counts as a

I think posting counts as a vote :-)

Thanks for posting.

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DLNA Support

Just to support he request for native DLNA support.

I currently use BubbleUPnP which does work but starts playing from start and as far as I can see does not return current position to Doggcatcher when pausing or completing.

Only been using Bubble for a day so perhaps I have yet to learn how to use!

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+1 for DLNA

I would also like DLNA support. I've just updated my Home Theatre and both the receiver and TV use DLNA so it would be a perfect fit.


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+1 from me to

Yes, DNLA support would be really great.

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Yup, DLNA would be great. Currently a PocketCasts user but if DoggCatcher had DLNA support I would quickly jump ship.