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Headset Button Play/Pause

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Headset Button Play/Pause

Let me start off by saying that I love the DoggCatcher. It is my number one App and has really made my experience with my G1 great. Goodbye iphone.

It would be awesome if the pause button in the headset that comes with the G1 could pause/play the audio in DoggCatcher, like it does in the default music player. I have no idea how hard that would be to implement. I just think it would be cool.

I give props to you for updating so frequently. This is a great App. Keep up the good work.

As a post script (because I think that these are non issues) it would be cool to be able to mark podcasts as new, or listened to. I think that this topic has already been address.

After you have "clicked" on a feed and you are on the screen which shows the list of available episodes- I think that it would be helpful or aesthetically pleasing for the background color to be slightly different than black. Maybe a very dark gray. Or each feed could could have a very subtle color cast to it. The user could tell at a glance(or at arms length) which Feed they were accessing. eg. I could pull my G1 out of my pocket and the background had a very slight blue cast to it. I could that DoggCatcher was on the "This Week in Tech" feed, without having to read the text or discern the teeny tiny icon. The colors could be automatic or user assignable. The player is already good to look at. I just thought that this would be kinda cool.

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Good stuff

Thanks for the positive comments.

Headset pause/play - good idea. I added this to the future feature list

Updates - I wasn't sure how people were going to respond to frequent updates. I thought it might be a problem, but I haven't heard any complaints yet. Good to know you like 'em.

Read/New - Definitely needed. We're adding android notifications (probably in the next release) so you'll get some indication of when new Episodes are downloaded.

Coloring Episode list screen - We can probably increase the size of the Podcast image on the Episodes screen...that might make it easier to glance and see what Podcast you're on. The coloring idea might apply to indicating a difference between the Podcasts screen and the Episodes. I have often lost track of what screen I was on...some color there might help.

Thanks for the ideas...keep them coming.

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Play/pause via hardware camera button?

Hi Eric

Thanks for creating DoggCatcher, it's filling the podcast gap in my life since I've switched from Windows Mobile.

I'm seconding the above request for play/pause via the headset button if possible. Having a hardware button for play/pause is very desirable, as otherwise I have to fish my G1 out of my pocket and do lots of onscreen fiddling about.

Another possibility that occurs to me is to reassign the G1 hardware camera button for play/pause. There's a thread on Android Developers about this:

Keep up the great work!

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camera button

That's a really good idea, I'll keep an eye on that thread and see if I can get it working when I do the headset play/pause.