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We had a great Day 1

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We had a great Day 1

I would like to thank everyone for their comments both in the Google Market and via email. Letting us know what we are doing right and wrong is going to make the DoggCatcher the best that it can keep the feedback coming.

We collected all the bug reports and feature requests and it came down to the following list. They are sorted by number of requests and as we address them, we'll try to use the number of request to prioritize were possible.


  • When creating a Podcast, after clicking OK, a message is displayed asking for force close or wait.
  • When you're scrolling through the list of episodes with the trackball the orange highlight dissapears, all of the text that's highlighted turns black and is unreadable


  • Audio Streaming
  • Video
  • Easy way to add podcasts - searching or browsing a podcast directory
  • Pause playback when a call is received
  • OPML Import
  • Media Player slider
  • Resume audio
  • Replace touching RSS button on podcasts with a row touch
  • Use notifications
  • Stop downloads that are in progress
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Well it looks like this may be added to the updated versions, I can honestly say that if you added video to this and made it a pay service one time fee deal I would buy it in a heartbeat! Everyone I talk to loves this phone and its stuff like this that makes people want the phone even more! This program rocks so far and I really think video would make this one of the best programs on the market. The audio quality is fantasic and the ease of use for a beta program is just incredible and I can only seeing it getting better. 5stars in the market and *****'s here :) thanks for the awesome program.