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Sorting podcasts into folders?

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Sorting podcasts into folders?

I have like 30 podcasts I listen to regularly. I would like to arrange them into groups. Perhaps into folders? As of now they are simply sorted by when I added them.

Is this possible?



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This should really be posted

This should really be posted in feature requests and I believe it's the same as the following request:

Let's keep things tidy ;)

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manual sort of feeds is a current feature

I don't know if this was a feature on 3/3 when you posted the question, but I purchased doggcatcher yesterday and found that I can order my podcast (feeds) manually -- by long-pressing the feed then selecting "move". However, moving items within a specific feed does not appear to be a current feature (other than the "always sort" feed option). One of my feeds (The Mike Rosen Show) posts 3 separate items per day representing the 3 hours the show plays on the radio, and though for most cases it is nice that DC plays the oldest entries first, for this particular feed that feature results in the last hour playing first, because the hours show up in order (9am hour, 10am hour, 11am hour) and so the 11am hour plays first instead of the 9am hour. I tried selecting "always sort", then deleted the items (which deletes the media but leaves the items in the feed in the same order), then updated the feed, then downloaded in the order I wanted to hear them, but it still played the 3rd one first. I'm looking for a way to tell DC to play the items in a different order.