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Web Interface

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Web Interface

It would be great if there was a web interface for managing you
doggcatcher subscriptions. When finding and subscribing to many
podcasts it's not always easy to do it on a small handheld.

The interface should have functions for adding / deleting feeds. And could
be used as a way to backup / restore your subscriptions online (like for instance gpodder does it)

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Feed management

I thought I had an issue for this already but I can't find it.

I created another. I like the online backup thing, I hadn't thought of that before.

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Me too

Because of the low success rate of searching for my favorite podcasts when setting up my media, I found that I had to enter RSS URLs directly.

This would be much easier from a web interface where I could cut & paste.

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Web interface is a definite

Web interface is a definite must. And to take it further, I think it would be great if one could re-subscribe to the added feeds in iTunes or similar to enable multi device sync. Eg. I listen to a podcast on my iPod, which when it syncs with iTunes updates the played status and subsequently updates the Dogg server and marks the podcast's status on my Android phone as done (and vice versa).
Would this even be possible?

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web interface

yes to web interface!

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Feature similar to AirDroid?

Registered just to voice support for this!
I've been using AirDroid for a while ( which allows me to listen to local music on my phone in a web interface. Pairing a feature similar to this for Podcasts would be perfect! It would be the one thing to dethrone Stitcher in my eyes ;)