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DC Constantly Freezing/Unresponsive After Moving Storage to SD Card

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DC Constantly Freezing/Unresponsive After Moving Storage to SD Card

Hi Doggcatcher Team,
First, thank you for this app. I have used it for years and it is literally one of the pieces of software that has impacted my life more than any other. I'm a huge fan.

Unfortunately, since I moved Doggcatcher media storage to my SD card, (I subscribe to a lot of podcasts so I needed more space) the app regularly freezes, becoming completely unresponsive for long periods of time (30-45mins). When downloading files, the app interface becomes nonfunctional, often displaying only a black screen (sometimes for over an hour or two). It doesn't help to close and reopen the app. The app just reopens on an unresponsive black screen.

Please help me fix this! I've read the explanations regarding Android and SD card permissions but that doesn't seem to adequately explain this since I also use other Android apps on my phone that utilize SD card storage without any noticeable slowdown. (I also had this problem happen on previous Android phones so I am convinced this is not a unique hardware issue).

I love Doggcatcher and have used it daily for years. Unfortunately, this bug makes the app non-functional for me and I'm worried I will be forced to switch to a new podcast app.

I would appreciate any help you are willing to give me to resolve this.

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External storage directory (SD Card) Issue

Responded to this issue in an email to you, here is the same info

Please verify the app has permission to access the external storage directory (SD Card) see forum post .

Once you've verified permission, the app can only access one specific directory for feed subscriptions "example" (/storage/6562-6463/Android/Data/

Follow instructions from the above forum post to set the app to the correct feed directory.