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Tedd talks daily audio is showing as video

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Tedd talks daily audio is showing as video

All of a seen the Tedd talks daily shows up with a camera icon and switches to a black screen when I press play. The episodes still say mp3. I have tried deleting the feed and subscribing again but it does the same thing.

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TED Talks Daily - Playback Issue (Audio as Video)

Contact the publisher of the feed & let them know about the problem at this email URL contact (AT) ted (dot) com

The media URL is listed as a type="video/mp4" and should be listed as type="Audio/mp3"

The current published episode "How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure"" fileSize="6279108" type="video/mp4"/

All episodes from the feed is listed as a video file when it's not, the app relies on RSS URL’s provided by the publisher of all feeds and will playback episodes based on information listed in the RSS URL.

TED Talks Daily - RSS URL -