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Auto-Delete Policy

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Auto-Delete Policy

I use DC all day, every day, generally very happy with the app. Using it on a Samsung Galaxy S6. I listen to a ton of podcasts, and usually have a big backlog of episodes in my playlist. I have the Auto-Delete Policy set to 'Done Episodes', since having to manually delete episodes is a lot of work, and the other options ('As space is needed' and 'Keep latest X') are somewhat vague. Can someone give me a rundown on how those options work? The 'space needed' option sounds like my phone hard drive would always be on the brink of full, which would present problems for taking photos, etc. The 'Keep latest' sounds ok, but there doesn't seem to be a way of setting the X and I can't tell if that's the latest X number of episodes per feed, or some total for all feeds, or something else.

The problem is that every so often (every few months), the app will crash. Not a big deal, the app is generally stable. However, the app will crash, but tries to play every episode in the queue while it's crashing. This marks all of my backlogged episodes as done, and deletes them. Usually there's a minute or two lag and I can retrieve a few episodes, but I usually lose a lot of episodes and have to re-download when I get home to Wifi. Accepting the fact that apps will crash, can we get a tweak to the Done Episodes option, so you can set it to not delete anything until it's been 'done' for an hour or a day, etc.?

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Auto-Delete Policy Info

Keep latest X, X is the value of auto-download setting (Example if it's set to 3) The app will delete all of the oldest media files regardless of whether the media files is flagged as new, in Progress, or old except for the newest 3 media files.
As space is needed is similar to Keep latest X, but more complicated....for more info see User Guide post "Configuring media file auto delete"

More than likely the app is crashing because it's running out of memory, particularly if you have set DC's number of episodes to a large number and if your device (Samsung Galaxy S6) is still running Android 5.0.2 or 5.1.1 "Lollipop" which has a memory leak issue .....see FAQ posts "DoggCatcher running out of memory" and "Why does DoggCatcher crash or freeze?"

For both issues lowering the number of episodes setting can help, for more solutions to the memory leak issue check out the FAQ post "Why does DoggCatcher crash or freeze?"