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Question too stupid to be able to find answer ...

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Question too stupid to be able to find answer ...

Actually, 2 totally stupid questions ...
1. How do I just play a podcast. DC seems to want to play what is in the queue. I want to click on a podcast (that has been downloaded to my device) and listen to it. When I click on it, I get lots of options ... but none of them are to play the podcast -- and the one that is playing in the player just keeps on playing. It seems that if I click all over the place, eventually my desired podcast will play ... but I can't figure out how to just play a podcast that is on my device when I would like to listen.
2. How do I turn DC off. I don't want it to start playing every time I get in my car or put on my headphones. I have closed it, I have quit all applications, I have exited it. Nothing seems to work other than deleting it.

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Answers to Questions

1.) Pressing on an episode with the play icon ►.....the episode will start playing and once completed the next episode in the currently active playlist will start playing.

What you're describing when you press on an episode and it doesn't start playing, but starts later..sounds like it wasn't downloaded yet, if it's flagged blue (New) and and ready for download icon ⤓ pressing on the episode downloads the title, once again and the selected media file will start playing

2.) To turn off the app (DC Navigation Menu>More>Exit)

Disable "Start Application" and change "Connect Screen" to "None", also the "Play Audio" to "Disabled" in addition also enable ‘Pause Audio’ in DC's headset settings (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Headset/Lockscreen "Bluetooth/Wired")

With these settings DC should not respond when Bluetooth connects automatically