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Google Maps Navigation prompts silent when using DoggCatcher through Bluetooth

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Google Maps Navigation prompts silent when using DoggCatcher through Bluetooth

Problem with bluetooth devices

DoggCatcher Version: 1.2.4147
Device: LG Nexus 5X
Android Build: MTC19Z (Marshmallow)
Carrier: Project Fi
Bluetooth device: Cadillac Cue in 2013 Cadillac ATS. (problem occurs)
Bluetooth device: Bose Soundlink Color (problem does not occur)
SUMMARY: Podcast pauses for an appropriate amount of time when navigation prompts cut in. I don't hear the prompts. When navigation prompt is done, podcast resumes. This only occurs while connected to bluetooth.
1. Connect to bluetooth
2. Play podcast in DC
3. Start Google Maps. Enter address and start navigation.
WHAT HAPPENS: Podcast plays. Podcast pauses and leaves silence when navigation voice prompts should cut in over podcast.
WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: Podcast should pause and voice prompt should take over. For example, "Turn left on Elm Street."
FREQUENCY: 100%. The first voice prompt may get through, or the first syllable, but after that, silence.
SEVERITY: Serious. I will be forced to switch podcast apps if this cannot be resolved.

The problem does not occur with Google Play music, so it appears limited to DoggCatcher. The same problem occurred on my LG G2 on Verizon, but I didn't do much to troubleshoot it because I expected the phone was wonky. Having tried another phone though, this has to stop.

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That's a Bluetooth issue

That's a Bluetooth issue

See posted article "Playback regularly goes silent'

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may be a bluetooth issue, but there are workarounds!


same thing happens to my device and car connection, and this only when using playback in doggcatcher. rocketplayer for instance doesn't show this behaviour. So it's very unlikely to be a general bluetooth problem
other apps implemented a nice workaround, like lowering output noise while they receive a mute command from google maps.

DoggCatcher Version: 1.2.4147
Device: Moto G4 plus running Nougat
Android Build: 7.0 NPJ25.93-14
Carrier: O2 Germany
SUMMARY: Internal mute command from google maps is send to car radio, which leads to a speaker mute. Other apps lower their output volume, without sending a mute command to the car bluetooth stereo.
=> like described by other users or see vid from another user:

SEVERITY: Serious, tooootal desaster!

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It's definitely a passed "mute" command

Thanks to complecz' comment, I did a little testing on my new Uconnect system that is having this same issue.

After starting DC playing a podcast I go to Google Maps settings/navigation settings/play test sound. The podcast goes silent and nothing plays over the car speakers. Since my car has a mute button, I tried it again and found that if I quickly double-press the mute I can hear the end of the test sound! After that I can hear the entire test sound if I play it again, but the following time it's muted. It seems that the hard mute button will override the bluetooth command for a bit, but the command takes back over after a toggle.

I can repeat this at will and can test any test builds if needed.

Zach Brooks
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I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem on a Uconnect 8.4. This doesn't seem to happen on other Bluetooth systems. Has anyone found a solution?

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similar issue here

I think this is a problem with the receiving bluetooth device/software rather than DC specifically. However, there is a work around that DC could implement to help alleviate this.
I have tested this with 2 phones ( Galaxy S6 and S8) and tested on 3 cars (BMW, Mercedes, Volvo). The apps I tested included spotify, Audible and 3 different podcast apps.
Two of the three cars (BMW, Mercedes) have this issue regardless of the phone or the audio apps I have used, leading me to believe it's android and the receiving Bluetooth software causing the issue.

This is what I figured out so far:
This problem only occurs in apps that pause their own audio while a notification plays. An app that only lowers its own volume when a notification plays (for example music players such as spotify) will not cause this.

What happens is:
1) the audio app receives a pause request from a notification (such as google navigation, text alert)
2) The audio app pauses, but the notification is not heard
- However, if the notification is very long (such as a long navigation instruction lasting more than about 9 seconds) you may hear the end of the notification instruction.
3) Once the notification is done, the audio app continues to play where it left off.

What may confuse many people here is that if the audio app is designed to only lower the volume (rather than pause), than the notification is heard over the audio app.
Interestingly, this only happens with notifications (for example, if spotify is started while DC is playing, than the spotify audio is heard immediately without any delays and the DC audio is stopped completely)

The work around that I have seen is that some audio apps have an optional setting that allows you to choose to lower the volume (rather than pause) during notifications. I have seen that option with Audible (audio book player) and with 2 other podcast players I have tested.
I don'tsee that option in DC.