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NASACast Video always done without downloading

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NASACast Video always done without downloading

NASACast Video feed now always shows new episodes as done (gray dot) and not downloaded (slash through down arrow). Why is that?

A new episode appears that way this morning with today`s date in the title. I have not viewed any for quite a while, because many do not have dates in the title (so, I`m usually unsure whether I`ve viewed them).

No other feeds seem to have that problem.

Please help.


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NASACast Video podcast

The publisher of the NASACast Video podcast limits the available episodes for download or streaming to 10 episodes & old episodes are deleted and episode metadata is removed from the feed URL when new ones are published (Regardless if Episodes are flagged blue “New” or in-progress “Green”), you can override this with the “Pin Expired” option in DC’s “Feed Options” settings - This feature will only work for currently published (DOWNLOADED) episodes

>From the “Feeds Tab”Press the context menu button (Three Vertical Dots Right of the Feed Title) on the particular podcast -select “Feeds Options”

>Scroll down to & enable “Pin Expired” then press OK. With this option you will have to manually delete completed episodes by pressing the context menu button on the particular episode (Right of the Episode Title ) select “Delete Pinned Episode”

To delete more than one episode at the same time use the ““Multi-Select” feature

>On the “Episode” screen of the feed, long press on first episode and press on additional episodes

>Press the the “Check Box” icon to mark or flag all selected episodes done (Grey)

>Press “Push Pin” to delete “Pinned Episodes” from feeds when the “Pin Expired” feature is enabled.