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Keep after pause not working

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Keep after pause not working

I have keep after pause checked, but after pausing the notification disappears and I have to open the app to resume. LG Nexus 5X running Android 6.0.1.

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The app can only display one

The app can only display one active notification at a time and the notification currently displayed depends on which active notification has the highest priority. Playing audio is the highest, then Paused audio is a low priority, then episodes in the download queue or waiting for connection, but once the active notification is done (Example “Waiting for connection” and a network connection is made and media files are downloaded), the play/pause notification should return.

If the problem is the “Waiting for connection” notification, change the feed update interval to 12 hrs or 1 day and feed update time to a convenient time for the app to update and the device is connected to WiFi network (DC Navigation Menu>Settings>Feed Updates)