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Changing Android phones to one without an SD card

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Changing Android phones to one without an SD card

I have read some of the posts on this topic but not found the answer when your new phone does not have an SD card.
When I used DC backup it warned it would backup to non-removeable storage so will Andoid just re-sync when I establish my accounts on the new phone?
Also, I have several podcasts downloaded but not yet listened to, will these be re-established? If not how should I do that?


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New Device

Depending on device and version of the app, backup DC first and then copy the "Export" or “Backups” directory to a PC/Mac or Google Drive/Dropbox located at (/storage/emulated/0/Doggcatcher/Export) or (/storage/emulated/0/Doggcatcher/Backups)

Once the app is installed on the new device replace the existing backups directory with one from original device
Previously downloaded episodes will redownload after you've run the "Restore' feature (DC Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore/Export)

If you have the “Pinned Expired” feature enabled on feed/podcast subscriptions with episodes no longer available for download - plus “Virtual Feeds” you will have copy and/or move DC's "EpisodeEnclosures" directory from the SD card to the DC directory on the new device before running restore

If Pinned Expired or Virtual Feeds isn't an issue, then the easiest way to backup and move your feeds database and configuration settings to a new install of the app to a new device is to try the 'Cloud Sync' feature on the beta version of DC

Update to the beta version of DC & sync your original device first & then sync on your second device.

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Thank you Wayne , that was an

Thank you Wayne , that was an extremely helpful post. My Mi 4z phone does have a SD card support, so this will come handy. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the new updates in coming days.