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Clean up?

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Clean up?

I was wondering how likely would it be to implement a "Clean Up" feature where it could parse the Doggcatcher dir and delete any done podcast? I'm pretty sure DC does this automatically as well, but I don't know where my 5GB is coming from :/ I only have 3 episodes in my list. Probably because I'm using the same folder since I had my G1.

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That is on the todo list but

That is on the todo list but in the meantime, when you are in the screen for a feed, you can see how much SD card space is used. That can be useful for finding orphans that were left from older installations.

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I just wanted to second this.

I just wanted to second this. One way to do this would be to have a playlist that has all of the completed episodes that still have media attached to them. I came from using Downcast on the iPhone, and I have found Doggcatcher to fit my needs, but I do miss this one feature.

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third this?

Hello, I would like this feature as well. Being able to rename the folders with names that relate to the podcast would be useful too.

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See Auto-Delete Orphaned

See Auto-Delete Orphaned Files post