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Toggle lock screen feed thumbnail?

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Toggle lock screen feed thumbnail?

Playing a feed replaces the lock screen background with a stretched out version of the feed icon. The icons usually aren't designed for hi res screens, can be busy, and kind of redundant if all the information about the current feed is in the text at the top of the lock screen.

Also, having an AMOLED screen, I like using a plain black background whenever possible to extend battery life. Personally, the ability to turn off the use of the thumbnail is both functional & more aesthetically pleasing.

I searched through the settings screens & the internet & forums. If such a feature to turn this off does exist, my apologies. Thanks.

DoggCatcher Version: 1.2.4062
Device: Samsung Galaxy S5
Android Build: KOT49H
Carrier: Verizon

SUMMARY: Feed icon is always displayed on lockscreen

1. Start DC
2. Begin playing a feed
3. Turn screen off
4. Push power button to bring up lock screen

WHAT HAPPENS: Feed icon is stretched across entire screen to replace normal lock screen background
WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: Option to turn this feature off.

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I created an issue for this,

I created an issue for this, thanks for the feedback

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I don't see that there's a

I don't see that there's a way to vote for enhancements, but I would like to express my support for an option to shut this off as well.

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Same here. Not only for all of the reasons already stated by others, but also because some of the podcast artwork can make it difficult to see the unlock pattern or pin buttons. Some just don't provide enough contrast or are too busy. Listening to podcasts should not make it difficult to unlock my phone. And besides, I just don't want the podcast logo on my screen. I have a much better lockscreen/homescreen wallpaper that I prefer. It is presumptuous to think I would want to replace that with a horribly pixelated icon blown up to 1080p. Please give us a way to turn off this horrible "feature."

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issue has become worse

I just upgraded to the nexus 6 with the latest

I still see feed images on the lock screen but I have closed DC.

Please let me know if I should raise a separate issue for this request

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With lollipop, you should

With lollipop, you should only see the feed image if the dc notification is visible on the lock screen, are you seeing the notification?

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One way to clear the image
One way to clear the image would be to create a file on your phone under DoggCatcher\Podcastimages\\custom.jpg
I just wanted it to be black so I created a .jpg image with a black square. I am sure you could put a copy of the desired lockscreen backround.

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please fix this I force

please fix this I force closed the app and the icon/wallpaper still appears. Only way to eliminate is a much undesired reboot