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Andriod widget while on screen save.

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Andriod widget while on screen save.

Maybe you can answer this. Feel free to tell me it's out of scope. No Problem. Long time ago, I use to be able to have the widget on the screen saver. By that I mean I could press the on/off button to wake up the phone display, and, be able to press pause / play. Some time ago, that went away. I could never figure out how to get it back. There has been a android release since then, and, I did start using a pin for unlock. However, even if I turn off security, I cant get that feature back. Since this is true with both your app & audible (only 2 apps I use), I tend to think it is a feature with android that has gone away. Any thoughts? Should I still be able to do that with DoggCatcher? . Thanks in advance.


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Enable 'Respond to Headset' & 'Lock Screen Buttons' (In the DC Menu>Settings>Headset/Lockscreen) and DC's lockscreen controls should appear on the lockscreen/screen saver.