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How to disable each feed update/episode download notification?

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How to disable each feed update/episode download notification?

I configured DoggCatcher the way I thought I wanted but after running an update, it's showing me a notification for each new feed it updates and each new episode it downloads (in the same notification thankfully). However, this is separate from the "Updating feed" or "Downloading episodes" notification, and I have to swipe them away separately.

I don't need a notification each time a feed is updated or episode downloaded. I only need to know when it's updating feeds, downloading episodes, and what the result is when that process is done. BeyondPod does it this way and it's very convenient. I'm only expecting to be able to swipe away the notification when it changes to the result status (and it should remove itself when I tap it and take me to DoggCatcher, preferably to whatever view is the most relevant).

Am I missing something or is this something that needs to be incorporated? It is seriously making me consider moving back to BeyondPod (even with it's crappy new interface) because I don't want to swipe away a separate notification for each updated feed and downloaded episode.

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Disable DC Notifications

You can disable notifications (In the DC Menu>Settings>User Interface)