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Wrong Thumbnail on Audio Page

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Wrong Thumbnail on Audio Page

I'm noticing that DoggCatcher often displays an incorrect thumbnail image in the "Audio" page for a particular podcast that doesn't have a thumbnail. It seems to be replicating the thumbnail for the podcast that appears just above it in the list.

So if I have a Motley fool podcast (which has a thumbnail) appearing right above a SD Radio podcast (which doesn't), the Motley Fool image will appear for both entries.

Re-sorting the list corrects the situation and shows the no-thumbnail podcast with a question mark.

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See posted thread on a

See posted thread on a similar issue - Eric is aware of a problem with feeds without feed icon that DC replaces the icon with the wrong thumbnail & is working on a solution.

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Can you please post the url

Can you please post the url of the sd radio feed that has the problem. I was digging around trying to find a feed with the problem but never found one.

That'll help me get it fixed.