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Duplicate? Delete Un-Needed Files

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Duplicate? Delete Un-Needed Files

I am trying to free up space on my Android (Samsung I9505). Doggcatcher is probably my biggest space user. I think that I moved Doggcatcher to the SD card. When I browse to my phone from my computer I see Doggcatcher on both "phone" and on "sdcard" with EpisodeEnclosure
Computer\Galaxy S4\Card\DoggCatcher\DoggCatcher\EpisodeEnclosures
Computer\Galaxy S4\Phone\DoggCatcher\EpisodeEnclosures

When I go to "Manage Applications" the "move to SD Card" option is greyed out, I think because I already moved it.

1. How do I determine whether or not Doggcatcher is infact moved to my SD card and
2. How to I find out if I can delete one of the Doggcatcher folders (and Episode Enclosure).

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When the app is initially

When the app is initially installed on current Samsung devices (S3/4), DC storage directory is created on the device storage . If you pointed DC to external storage "Pre KitKat" (In the DC Menu>Settings>Miscellaneous>Storage Directory) before moving the DC's directory from device storage to external storage with a file manager DC will create another storage directory.

1.To verify where DC media files are stored from the storage directory screen (Device Storage - Default) (Pre KitKat JB OS External Storage - /mnt/extSdCard) (Kitkat OS External Storage - /storage/extSdCard/Android/Data/)

2. Use a file manager to delete the episode enclosures folder from the device storage in the DC directory, the export folder should not be deleted because DC backs up the feeds database and configuration settings to that location