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The Tony Kornheiser Show Feed

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The Tony Kornheiser Show Feed

I have had trouble keeping the up to date feed for the Tony Kornheiser Show from ESPN 980. I have to Unsubscribe and search each day to reload it. Now I cant even find it. I have seen some of the years past direct link posts here, but those dont seem to work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Tony Kornheiser Show ESPN 980 Audio Vault

The Tony Kornheiser Show ESPN 980 Audio Vault has an issue with duplicate file names and there also seems to be a problem subscribing to the feed from DC's database (Not sure why)

Subscribe to the manually from the "Subscribe to feed" screen> scroll down to "Feed RSS URL">Scroll down to RSS URL> Copy & Past in the field>scroll down past "Advanced" to episode identifier & change from "GUID" to "Title">Scroll down to and enable "Make Filenames Unique"> Also enable "Full fetch">Press OK.

You shouldn't have a problem with the feed anymore with these feed settings enabled.