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Feature Request: Globally force downloads

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Feature Request: Globally force downloads

I currently live in a situation where WiFi is spotty at best so my phone can sometimes switch between WiFi and 2G rapidly. Half of the time I manage to get downloads done over WiFi, but I typically need to force downloads especially when I'm on the go (in-between hot-spots). I would like an option to be able to force all downloads so they do not give up after the set number of failures, automatically (I don't want to have to do it manually every time).

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Bulk Operations

Eric has bulk operations on episodes on his to do list - I imagine global force downloads would also be included .

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Try again once on a different type of connection

I to have found it gives up too quickly/easily when trying to get a file. Maybe if it is set to force download it should try again once the connection type changes if it isn't working on the current connection (switching from wifi to cellular or from one wifi to another)