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Can't change the feed thumbnails or read embedded art

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Can't change the feed thumbnails or read embedded art

I wanted to change the thumbnail of one of my virtual feeds but when I go the Doggcatcher directory in my file explorer, there are any subdirectories as shown in the app. Are they hidden? Also is there a way for Doggcatcher to show the embedded art of the mp3s that are in a virtual directory? Many of the files aren't related and I would like to display each one's embedded art.

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To locate thumbnail directory

To locate thumbnail directory , long press on the virtual feed> press "Feed Options>Scroll download to "Custom thumbnail filename" the directory location would look something like this /mnt/extSdCard/DoggCatcher/Podcastimages/71// - Then using a file manager to locate the directory - If it's not there, create one & name (Example "71") and place the jpg file, then rename the file "custom"

Chapter support - & id3 tags support for virtual episodes to determine title - are on Eric's to do list, I imagine with id3 tag support would include album art embedded in the media file.