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Feed update options

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Feed update options

Would be very helpful to have one or both of these options:
1) the ability to set the update to smaller time intervals than just the hour (i.e. update at 4:15 every 12 hours instead of only 4 or 5).
2) the ability to set up individual times for updates during the day. Say 3am and 5pm only.

The reasons these would be helpful features is because there are certain podcasts I like to have on my phone before commuting to work and/or back home, and the timing of my commute and the time these daily podcasts are published makes me wish for more flexibility from the app.

Great app though! Thanks, probably what I use most on my phone!


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Both your requests on Eric's to do list.

Ability to configure minutes for feed update time -

Download scheduler - by interval/time/connection type

Thanks for posting