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I would like to see a feature to bookmark special sections / points in audio and video podcasts. Especially when you listen to podcasts during commute to work you may want to hear certain parts of the podcasts later again (to check a url, try a tool, put some comments on paper, etc.). It is difficult to find the special point later on - therefore just hitting a button, or pressing the headset button in a special sequence to place a bookmark would be great. Later on you can easily jump to that bookmarks inside doggcatcher to listen again or do an export of these bookmarks which names the audio track as well as the timeposition.

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The ability to set a bookmark with a note for an episode is on Eric's to do list
see issue but not sure if bookmarking a specific part of an episode is part of it.

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Add bookmark

I also would love to be able to bookmark particular times in audio podcasts- like what you see at I enjoy listening to Science Friday, Freakonomics, Radio Lab and TED Radio Hour with Doggcatcher while walking and commuting and then I use segments from these podcasts in my Statistics class. Unfortunately, right now, I have to try to remember which podcasts I was listening to and then find the portion of the podcast of interest using my PC after the fact. It would be so much cooler if I could make a bookmark and what would be supercool is to then allow me to add a comment as an audio note!

Dan Rasch
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Agreed! I just found thus

Agreed! I just found thus forum from the link in the auto-reply to an email to the developer. Here's my thoughts.

Feature suggestion: bookmarks

Potential use case: listening to educational podcasts/lectures and wanting to bookmark with notes. That way, the student has:
-- Convenient way to take notes, as he dies not have to leave the app to take notes
-- Notes are conveniently filed under each class/subject/feed
-- Time-stamps within the lecture for his notes.
-- Send note with timestamp to a friend

Chad Beaudin
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I am requesting this new feature also

I often want to bookmark a spot in a podcast so I can listen to it again later.