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Setting a date before which episodes will not be dwonloaded

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Setting a date before which episodes will not be dwonloaded

Hi! Great app, much more convenient than downloading episodes manually from rss feeds.

I do have one request for enhancement. As a new user, I keep seeing the app downloading episodes I have already listened to before I started using it.
- setting a different number of auto-downloads will not help, because I listen to a lot of podcasts, which have a different frequency of publication plus I don't listen regularly. So it's really difficult to gauge how many auto-downloads I need for every podcast
- turning the auto-download off is useful for some podcasts I check on from time to time, without listenning to them on a regular basis. But using it for all podcasts would not make sense.

I guess what I suggest is to set a date - all new episodes published after this date will be downloaded. Ones published prior to this date will not.

What do you think?
Once again thank you for this great app.
Marcin Oseka

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What might work for you is to

What might work for you is to flag the episodes that you have already listened to as done, then they won't get downloaded (DC only downloads new episodes).

There's a bug that I need to fix related to this. When you add a new feed, all the episodes except the most recent should be flagged as done, but currently they all stay new.

I just added an issue for this:

Thanks for the feedback.